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What is that high-tech looking laptop doing on the top of this page? The machine is a 8088 based computer with smashing 640 kb. RAM running ELKS from one of if its two 720 kb. floppy stations. It was running some preliminary version of mcountd. But I do not have access to this fine machine at the moment, so the ELKS compatibility is removed from mcountd for the time being.
What is mcountd? mcountd is a incredibly simple program for displaying a count down clock in text-mode. The numbers are drawn in "ascii-art" style. It is written in C and will probably compile on many different plattforms.
Availability: Grab the source and compile it yourself, or get the precompiled RPMS;

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Credits: Martin Dahl and Anders Hermansen wrote the code that print numbers. The routine for calculating time left is taken from WMy2k which is written by Hadess.

Joe Bentley has provided some bugfixes. He has also come up with various suggestions, most of these are still to be implemented.

Thanks to for hosting this project. Have a look at some other (and perhaps more interesting) open-source projects at their homepage.